Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holiday's

I finished my daughter's Christmas dress yesterday and really needed to take pictures of the kids in their Christmas clothing to add to our card this year.  We had pictures taken by Carrianne Photography this fall for the card, but my hubby thought it would be more festive if there was just one picture of the kids in their holiday garb.  SO, that meant a lot of quick sewing and picture taking and a LOT of help from my wonderful sister Cathy.  She is a designer.  A fabulous designer.  Who at midnight last night was working on designing my Christmas cards because I waited too long and they need to be done quickly or else they will be New Year's cards.  {ha} 
I know this doesn't surprise any of you who follow my blog. 

Back to the cards.  How fantastic is this design!

Cathy recently opened up an etsy store, so please take a moment to check her out.  She {obviously} designs greeting cards, but also does a range of invitations and if you check out her shop you will see a few examples of wedding invitations and save the dates.  She is so sweet and won't rest until she gets exactly what you want.  I know this because she was emailing me at one in the morning.  Love you sis!

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